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Baby Proof Door Locks in Chicago for Your Pantry

pantry door childproof lock


Despite being a relatively small area of your home, the pantry often houses many hazards for your child. According to an article by ROSPA, 67,000 children are injured in the kitchen every year. Many of these accidents occur in or around the pantry.

While relying on keeping the pantry door closed is somewhat reasonable, just one instance of leaving the door open can mean your child is injured. The best way to prevent this is to purchase one of the baby proof door locks in Chicago. However, not all of these door locks are equal. In this article, I will go over some of the hazards that could be in the pantry as well as the best baby proof door lock for protecting your child. 


Hazards in the Pantry

One of the most common hazards in the pantry are the heavy objects such as cans of food or food storage containers. For adults, these items seem relatively harmless even when dropped in a way that they hit you. However, for children, these items can hurt much more and they have a much worse reaction time, so getting out of the way is unlikely. Even if the cans miss their head, a can of peaches landing on their toe is still very painful and will likely lead to more than just a bruise, probably a broken toe. 

Another hazard is the existence of vast amounts of food in the first place. Children often struggle to regulate food intake and if they are presented with large amounts of food, even if it’s healthy, they can graze and overeat, leading to stomach issues and other health problems. Additionally, if it is unhealthy food, children are likely to experience sugar highs and other behavior issues such as craving those unhealthy foods and refusing healthier foods that likely don’t taste as good. 

The last and final hazard is not necessarily causing direct harm to your child but is still a serious concern. Children are often messy. A pantry full of easily breakable food products like goldfish can be a prime spot for making these messes. Not only can this cost you time in the form of cleaning it up and money in the form of buying more food to restock, but these messes could lead to any pets you may have getting sick or inviting bugs into your house. Either way, these messes can be even more costly than just the preliminary steps of cleaning and buying more food. 


Best Baby Proof Door Lock for Your Pantry

Now that you understand the hazards that exist within and around the pantry, let’s discuss the best way to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, keeping the door shut is a good idea, but isn’t foolproof. Instead, it is much safer to use one of the baby proof door locks in Chicago. But which one?

Well, there is one that stands as a clear winner among the competition. The GlideLok is better because it is more durable and less accessible for children and less easily manipulated by them. Additionally, the GlideLok is easier to use for adults than a plastic cover that you have to squeeze just right.

The GlideLok sits on top of the door, putting it out of reach of children as opposed to many alternatives that sit on the doorknob. Additionally, whether you have a door knob or a door handle, the GlideLok works just fine. In contrast, many of its competitors only work for one or the other.

As you can see, the GlideLok is the best way to protect your child from the hazards of your pantry. Purchase the GlideLok here.

For help with installation in Chicago, please contact our friends Safe Baby Boundaries. You can also read their reviews here. Take the first step toward protecting your child and purchase the GlideLok today!


Written by J.M.S.

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