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Baby-Proof Door Locks in Minneapolis

GlideLok childproof door lock in Minneapolis


According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers, 50% of homeowners named the garage as the most disorganized area of their house. For adults, this can be nothing more than a daunting task that requires a few hours of organizing and cleaning. For a toddler, however, this can mean a space full of potential hazards. How can we prevent their access to the garage? The best option is to use a GlideLok on the door leading to the garage. Compared to other baby-proof door locks in Minneapolis, the GlideLok is the best door lock for protecting your child.

Reasons to use GlideLok as opposed to other baby-proof door locks in Minneapolis

Let’s go over the common hazards you may find in a garage even if it is organized and clean. To start, we have tools and toolboxes. Many children’s toys are designed around “adult” products that the children can use safely. Toddlers can safely play with a light plastic hammer and pretend to be a carpenter, but you wouldn’t ever give them a real hammer. Using a GlideLok ensures that your toddler won’t have access to these potentially harmful tools that may be stored in the garage.

Another common hazard includes chemicals and other harmful substances such as pesticides, oil, and gas. Out of the other baby-proof door locks in Minneapolis, the GlideLok is the best for protecting your child from these. Whether it is a can of Raid or a gas can sitting in the corner, a toddler may accidentally ingest these chemicals. In order to keep the child safe and away from these potentially harmful chemicals in the garage, a GlideLok on the garage door is your best option.

In case you have neither of the previous examples in your garage, you will certainly have this last one. The garage is never completely safe to be in. This is because opening or closing the garage door and moving a vehicle in or out are hazards. They are unpredictable which means they serve as a constant hazardous circumstance. To protect your child, you should use the GlideLok as opposed to the other baby-proof door locks in Minneapolis. The GlideLok is safer and has more usability than the competition, making it the best choice to protect your child. For even more accessibility, you can purchase an acrylic rod here if you have 8′ doors or cannot reach the top of your doors.

What to do now?

Now, you understand the hazards of a garage and the dangers it poses to a toddler. It is time to take the next steps. The GlideLok is the best compared to other baby-proof door locks in Minneapolis. It is safer, more reliable, and more accessible than other door locks you may find. To purchase a GlideLok for your home, please order here.

If you need help with the installation of the GlideLok around your house, please contact our friends at Foresight Childproofing serving the Twin Cities area. The GlideLok is the best door lock to protect your child from the hazards around your home. Purchase the GlideLok now to ensure your child stays safe and healthy!

Written by J.M.S.

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