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Best Childproof Door Lock for Chicagoland

front door lock childproof


The GlideLok is the best childproof door lock for Chicagoland for multiple reasons. Firstly, it allows for easy access from either side of the door to unlock, unlike many other childproof door locks. Secondly, the GlideLok is adjustable, allowing it to fit on different thicknesses of doors. And lastly, it is easier for the parent to open when compared with other door locks, but more difficult for the child.

Why is the GlideLok the best childproof door lock for Chicagoland?

The GlideLok is a clear winner when it comes to childproof door locks for Chicagoland. One reason the GlideLok is better is it is accessible from either side of a door. A traditional childproof door lock covers the doorknob. Consequently, these locks only work on one side of the door, and you need two to cover both sides. However, with the GlideLok, only one is needed. The GlideLok sits on top of the door rather than the door handle and can be locked or unlocked from either side making it the superior childproof door lock for baby proofing your home.

Now you may be hesitant to purchase the GlideLok because you think it wonā€™t fit on your doors. However, the GlideLok is the best childproof door lock for Chicagoland in part due to its adjustability. The GlideLok contains a removable space bar allowing it to fit different sized doors and making it a better door lock than the alternatives. Many door locks are designed to go around a traditional round doorknob so they are incompatible with doorknobs of other shapes. However, the GlideLok was designed to be placed at the top of the door which removes this issue.

One of the most defining features of the GlideLok that makes it the best option is its usability. As compared with other childproof door locks for Chicagoland, the GlideLok is easier to use. This only applies to the caregivers of the child. For the child, the GlideLok is difficult to unlock, especially when compared to other door locks. As mentioned earlier, other door locks go over doorknobs, a fairly easy-to-reach place for many young children. Since the GlideLok resides at the top of the door, young children would struggle to reach it, even with a broomstick. For older children, you canĀ purchase an acrylic rodĀ to lock or unlock the door.

What now?

The GlideLok is the best childproof door lock for baby proofing your home. With adjustability to different sized doors and usability that outperforms competitors, it is the best choice. Now that you have a clear understanding of what benefits the GlideLok has to offer, you may be wondering how to purchase them. For purchase, pleaseĀ order here.

If you need assistance with the installation of the GlideLok in Chicagoland, please contact our friends atĀ A & H Childproofers. The GlideLok beats the competition when it comes to accessibility and usability and this is what makes the GlideLok the best childproof door lock for Chicagoland.

Written by J. M. S.