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GlideLok: The Best Childproof Door Lock in Long Island

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The GlideLok is the most accessible and easy-to-use childproof door lock in Long Island. With superior protection for your child as well as more durable materials, the GlideLok beats out the competition. You can purchase the GlideLok here. For help with installation in Long Island, New York, please contact Home Safe Childproofing or you can look at their Google reviews here. You may have some questions about the GlideLok, so let’s go through some of the most common questions our customers ask.

Q1. Does the GlideLok still allow for the door to completely close?

Yes. The GlideLok is designed to fit around the door but still allow the door to close completely. The GlideLok sits flat on top of the door, allowing for the door to be opened and closed easily without any interference from the GlideLok.

Q2. Does the GlideLok unlock from both sides?

Yes. The GlideLok is unique with the ability to be locked or unlocked from either side of a door. Many other childproof door locks go around the door handle which means you may need two of them to protect a door from both sides. The GlideLok ignores this issue by sitting at the top of the door and allowing for easy access from either side of the door. While the GlideLok peg must be installed on the non-hinged side of the door, the design of the GlideLok includes finger holds to either side of the door. These finger holds allow the GlideLok to be moved or adjusted from either side of the door.

Q3. Can the GlideLok be used on an exterior door?

Yes. The GlideLok is great for use on interior or exterior doors. As long as it is a hinged door, the GlideLok can be used as an aid to keep your child in or out of certain areas of your home. Almost any other childproof door lock in Long Island will be used on the door handle. While they fit around some doorknobs, any handles or unique shapes can cause them to not work. The GlideLok bypasses this concern by going on top of the door. Additionally, with a removal spacer bar, the GlideLok can fit on top of multiple width doors. Therefore, it will be more useful than other door locks because it can be used on more of the doors in your house.

Q4. Is there a way to make the GlideLok easier to reach?

Yes. On either side of the GlideLok there is an attachment site that is open for a rod if you want to attach one. Attaching a rod will make the GlideLok much easier to reach. However, attaching a rod won’t make it any easier for your young child. The GlideLok sits on top of the door so it is still too difficult for your young child to reach. And as a secondary precaution, the rod can always be removed and reattached later.

Now what?

Now you know more about the GlideLok and its versatility. You can purchase the GlideLok here and if you want help with installation, remember to contact Home Safe Childproofing in the Long Island Area. If you want to buy the best childproof door lock in Long Island, buy the GlideLok and protect your child.


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