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Why You Should NEVER Install Door Locks For Baby Proofing With Adhesive

  Are you struggling with your current door locks for baby proofing? Are you looking for child safety locks for your doors that have handles instead of knobs? Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of Millow Market and mommy to two girls. When I was searching for the perfect childproof door lock for our doors with levers, I realized something very important to AVOID. And I wanted to share it with you. I found that many popular locks were mounted with adhesive and placed in a very prominent spot on your door, right by the handle or lever. Want to take a wild guess what happens when you are ready to remove the lock? Or more likely, your child does it for...

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How to Avoid Getting Trapped in a Room by Your Child Proof Door Lock

  Are you having trouble finding the right child safety lock for your door? Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of Millow Market and very busy mom of two girls. I’ve got a big tip for you in your search for the best child proof door lock. This is huge, and in my opinion, any door lock that doesn’t do this goes straight in the trash. It MUST operate from both sides of the door Read that again. You need to be able to work this lock whether you’re inside the bedroom or outside the bedroom. Inside the laundry room or outside the laundry room. Care to guess why? Well, when I was at my wit’s end researching child safety locks for...

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