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"It's a true life-saver!"

I have a 2-year old who’s becoming very curious and opening everything. He has the tendency of waking up in the middle of the night and wandering / playing around the house. That is very dangerous. Not only can he hurt himself in the house when it’s dark, but once he learns how to open the front door we’re going to be in big trouble.

Since our little one has become a mini explorer, we decided to put his toddler bed in our bedroom and have him sleep there with us until we can safely let him sleep in his room. We needed a safety lock that was 1) Strong, because we have a strong little guy that has broken off those sticker baby locks on cabinets, and 2) A lock that my husband and I can easily open from inside and outside the bedroom.

The GlideLok has ticked off all the boxes for us. It’s strong because it’s made of metal and has the option of being opened from inside or outside the room by sliding the metal. It was easy for my husband to install. He drilled a hole and screwed the peg on the top of the door frame.

Highly recommended if you have a toddler. Those baby-proof stickers are no longer strong enough and this contraption is easier to use than those door knob child locks.

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