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"Won't lock you inside like other childproofing locks."

We needed a solution for childproofing our pantry door. The door itself has a rotating handle (as opposed to a door knob) on both the inside and the outside, and there are several products that will lock the door by preventing this handle from rotating. The problem with those products is that the inside and outside door handles rotate together, so blocking one from rotating will block both of them. This means that if you go into the pantry, the door closes behind you, and the mechanism activates (or your toddler activates it), you could be locked inside. I have read several accounts of this scenario happening, including in the reviews for those products.

What I like about the GlideLok is that it can be activated (or deactivated) from either side of the door. Installation couldn't be much easier: you attach a peg to the upper door frame with a single screw, then place the sliding mechanism on the top of the door. That's it.

This lock may be the best way to childproof certain doors, especially because it virtually eliminates the risk of you (or someone else) being locked inside.

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