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3 Ways To Safely Child Proof a Door Handle

child proof door handle


Today, I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can child proof a door handle. Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of Millow Market and mommy to 2 young girls.

A few years ago, we moved and our new house had door handles – or levers – instead of knobs. They look amazing, until you realize that childproofing them is next to impossible.

I spent hours on research and came up with these 3 ways to babyproof them. Be sure to stick around to the end, because I’m going to tell you the method I ended up using and how it worked out.



Child proof door locks that block the lever from turning 

These locks attach to your door with adhesive, and the locks themselves are made of plastic. I really wanted to like these. They were fairly inexpensive, and they had good reviews … until I took my blinders off and read the negative comments.

First of all, this lock mounts with adhesive, and when you’re ready to remove it, paint from your door comes off with it. FUN. I also read plenty of instances where their toddler figured out how to use it right away. Which makes this child proof door lock no longer child proof.

But here’s the real deal breaker … Turns out, when you’re trying to child proof a door handle, you need to keep in mind that your levers most likely operate as a unit. That means when the lever on the inside of the bathroom goes down, the lever on the outside of the bathroom also has to go down. If the lever on the outside of the bathroom can’t go down – because there is a lock on it – and you’re on the inside of the bathroom, guess what? You’re not getting out.

Because these child proof door locks are placed at kid-level, toddlers and dogs can easily engage the lock while you’re on the other side of the door. I’ve read horror stories of parents getting trapped in a room, separated from their toddler for hours. They had to call 911 or bust the door down. NOT PRETTY. And for that reason alone, not to mention all the other issues, this lock gets a big fat NO from me.

Take the handles off

As long as your door latches properly, and it’s a room you never really use, you could simply take the door handles off. That’s definitely an alternative to a child lock for doors.

Of course, the obvious challenge here is that you can’t use that door either. So for doors that you actually need to be able to open and shut, child proof door locks are probably the better choice. But is there one that exists that will really child proof a door handle? Yes, and it’s my third option for you. It’s called …


child proof door handle

The GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System to childproof a door handle

I finally found this option when I called a childproofing company to come and fix my doors for me, because I was so tired of trying to find child locks for doors that would actually work. They used the GlideLok Top of Door Childproofing System on all my doors, and I loved the results.

  • The GlideLok sits at the very top of your door, so you can reach it but your kids can’t.
  • It’s made of durable metal instead of flimsy plastic, so your child isn’t going to bust through this thing.
  • And the very best part – it opens from both sides of your door. That means regardless of where you’re at, even if someone on the other side engages the lock, you can simply slide it across the door to unlock it and still get out.

I genuinely believe the GlideLok solved every single issue I had with trying to find the right child proof door lock. I love it so much that Millow Market, my company, became its official online distributor. And you know what? It’s our best-seller.

If you think the GlideLok may solve your family’s troubles trying to find a child lock for doors, then I’d love for you to check it out today.



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