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How to Avoid Getting Trapped in a Room by Your Child Proof Door Lock

child proof door lock


Are you having trouble finding the right child safety lock for your door? Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of Millow Market and very busy mom of two girls. I’ve got a big tip for you in your search for the best child proof door lock. This is huge, and in my opinion, any door lock that doesn’t do this goes straight in the trash.

It MUST operate from both sides of the door

Read that again. You need to be able to work this lock whether you’re inside the bedroom or outside the bedroom. Inside the laundry room or outside the laundry room. Care to guess why?

Well, when I was at my wit’s end researching child safety locks for our doors, I had a lot of trouble because we had door levers – or handles – instead of door knobs.

You wouldn’t think that would be such a problem, but practically none of the babyproofing locks for door handles that I could find opened from both sides of the door. That means they only operated from ONE side, and I’ll let you guess the chaos that can cause.

Many, MANY moms and dads had gone into a bathroom or bedroom, only to have their toddler accidentally engage the lock from the other side! So, they were now locked in the room – separated from their children – for hours.

Some people called 911, some broke the door down, and I even saw some crazy pictures with massive holes in their door where they took a hammer to it just so they could escape. It was insane. Please do not make that mistake!


child proof door lock

The best child proof door lock for your home

Any child safety lock for doors must – and I mean MUST – operate from both sides of the door. Luckily, I finally found one that did, whether you have door knobs or door handles. My search led me to a company of childproofing experts who had invented the GlideLok Top of Door Childproofing System.

  • This child proof door lock sits at the top of your door, so your kids can’t reach it.
  • It locks and unlocks from BOTH sides. So you won’t get locked inside of a room while your toddler gets into who knows what.
  • It installs in less than 5 minutes with just a single screw.
  • It’s super durable and inconspicuous. Most people don’t even know it’s there.

I loved it so much that Millow Market, my company, became the official online distributor of the GlideLok child proof door lock. And you’re welcome to check it out if this sounds like a good fit for your family. Check out the GlideLok now.

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