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Why Your Child Proof Door Locks for the Front Door Should Never Use Adhesive ... And What To Use Instead

child proof door locks for front door


Today, I’m going to share with you why I prefer child proof door locks for the front door that use a screw instead of adhesive.

Listen, I can understand why some people are apprehensive about using a screw. There were many times in the past where I was not thrilled about drilling a hole in my house. But with a child lock for doors, it’s different. Here’s why ...

Adhesive is weak

I don’t care what company makes the adhesive, it is not anywhere near as strong as a screw. When you’re trying to child proof your door handle or door knob, and you choose a lock that mounts with adhesive, it also probably mounts at kid level.

You know what that means? Your toddler has hours a day to mess with it, pull on it and ultimately destroy it or rip it completely off your door.

Adhesive is rough on paint

That’s actually putting it mildly. When it comes time to remove your child proof door locks, I can show you photo after photo of parents who have been shocked that their paint came off with the adhesive.

I know it’s not supposed to happen. I know they say you can remove it without damaging your paint. I’m telling you that the marketing does not match the reality in many cases.


child proof door lock for front door

The best child proof door locks for the front door I've found

There are several child proof door locks on the market that don’t use adhesive. But my favorite is the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System. This child lock for doors sits on TOP of the door, which is key because it means your kids can’t reach it – but you can. A sturdy peg is mounted with a screw at the top of your door frame.

Yes, you will drill a small screw into your door frame. But you know what? Most people don’t even see the GlideLok on your door. You would hardly know it’s there. The GlideLok is so inconspicuous that it blends right in with your décor. That means, even when you no longer need the lock, many people choose to leave it installed but disengaged.

If you decide you must remove the GlideLok completely, you can simply fill in the hole with a little putty – just as you’ll do for any pictures or wall décor you hang. It’s that easy. And the all-metal GlideLok is so much stronger than the childproof door handle locks made of plastic.

Plus – and this is a big plus – it operates from BOTH sides of the door. Most child proof door locks for the front door only work from one side, so if the lock side gets engaged and you’re on the other side of the door, guess what? You’re not getting out. It happens, a lot. But never with the GlideLok.

I love the GlideLok child proof door lock so much that my company, Millow Market, became its official online distributor. If this product sounds like it might help your family, I would love for you to see what other customers have to say right here.