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Why You Should NEVER Install Door Locks For Baby Proofing With Adhesive

door locks for baby proofing


Are you struggling with your current door locks for baby proofing? Are you looking for child safety locks for your doors that have handles instead of knobs?

Hi, I’m Jessica, founder of Millow Market and mommy to two girls. When I was searching for the perfect childproof door lock for our doors with levers, I realized something very important to AVOID. And I wanted to share it with you.

I found that many popular locks were mounted with adhesive and placed in a very prominent spot on your door, right by the handle or lever. Want to take a wild guess what happens when you are ready to remove the lock? Or more likely, your child does it for you?

We all know most adhesive can’t stand up to your toddler’s superhuman strength. And regardless of whether you remove it with brute force or very carefully, the result is often the same. Chunks of your paint and door come off along with the child safety lock.


So now you’ve got a huge eye sore right in the middle of your door. And, if your child was the one who so graciously removed the lock for you, now you also have a door that is no longer childproofed! Can we all agree we should just say a big fat NO to adhesive?

The kind of door locks for baby proofing you really need

Listen, if you are serious about finding the perfect child proof door lock, you need to look for one that installs:

  1. out of reach of your children
  2. in an inconspicuous spot
  3. is installed with something that won’t do massive damage when removed

I searched high and low for this kind of lock and finally found my answer – the GlideLok Top of Door Childproofing System, which was invented by a childproofing expert.


childproof door lock for front door

How the GlideLok makes childproofing your doors easier than ever

  1. It sits at the very top of your door, so kids can’t reach it, and most people hardly notice it’s there.
  2. Plus, it uses absolutely zero adhesive. (Say no to adhesive.)
  3. It’s super easy to install with a single screw, which they even include in the package.
  4. If someday you decide you no longer want the GlideLok installed, you can easily patch the tiny hole from the screw, but honestly most people don’t ever uninstall them. They blend in so well that there’s just no need to, and you can simply leave the lock disengaged if you don’t want to use it.

My company, Millow Market, is now the official online distributor of the GlideLok child proof door lock because I love it so much!

If it sounds like the right child safety lock for your doors, I would love for you to check it out. Take a look at the GlideLok now.


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