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A Door Childproof Lock Created by an ACTUAL Babyproofing Expert

door childproof lock


You know, some of the best products in the market today were created by a small business that saw a need they could fix. And that’s exactly how the GlideLok Door Childproof Lock came to be ...

This child proof door lock was invented by a dad of twins, Jack Smith. He runs a childproofing business and saw firsthand how most child locks for doors offer ZERO help in keeping toddlers safe. So, he did something about it. 

How the GlideLok Door Childproof Lock was born

After many proto-types and lots and lots of testing, the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System was born. Jack and his childproofing installation business in Texas use the GlideLok every single day in their clients’ homes. And there’s a reason why the demand stays high. Because it works.

The GlideLok solves so many of the problems caused by competitor child proof door locks. And it costs less than a couple of fast food meals.


door childproof lock

The GlideLok operates from BOTH sides of the door

This means you will never get locked out of a room. It's crucial because other locks designed to child proof a door handle only work from one side of the door. If you’re in the bathroom and your child (or dog) accidentally engage the lock from the other side, you’re trapped.

I’ve heard story after story of parents busting their door down or needing to call the fire department for help. Not exactly a convenient solution.

The GlideLok is made of durable metal

Another reason I love the GlideLok door childproof lock is because it’s made of durable metal, and not flimsy plastic. That means your child can’t bust through it, and it won’t bend or break.

There are competitor child locks for doors made of plastic that completely bend when your toddler pushes hard enough, and they bust right through the door. Insane.

The GlideLok sits at the top of your door

The GlideLok sits at the very top of your door, so guess who can’t even attempt to reach it? Your curious little child. You, however, have the height advantage and can easily slide the lock across to secure the door, or across to unlock. And you can keep it unlocked, or disengaged, for as long as you want.

I could go on for days about all the reasons why the GlideLok child proof door lock is my favorite solution for babyproofing your doors. But I’ll let our customers have the last word. Click Testimonials to see what other parents like yourself think of the GlideLok child lock for doors. 

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