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How a Door Top Lock Child Proof Can Prevent Falls in Your Home

Door Top Lock Child Proof


Do you know the No. 1 cause of unintentional injuries at home? It applies to adults and children alike. The answer is falls.

Children falling down the stairs, off a railing, or out a window are a parent’s worst nightmare. And, depending on the height, such an accident can be fatal.

The good news is, tragedies like these can be prevented! Here are our top 7 steps for you to take today to keep your children safe ...

Seven tips to prevent falls at home

  1. Install gates on stairs. Make sure they are secure and your child can't just push right through them!
  2. Install the GlideLok Door Top Lock Child Proof on doors that lead to stairs, such as a basement door
  3. Keep furniture at least 3 feet from upstairs railing. Curious kids like to climb (and can even fall) from the second story.
  4. Use window locks to prevent your child from climbing out the window.
  5. Lower crib mattress to lowest setting
  6. Move child to floor bed or toddler bed once his/her arm pits reach the top rail of the crib
  7. Eliminate trip hazards

To actually avoid an accident, you must take action. Try implementing one of the above tips every day this week. By the end of the week, you’ll have a much safer home – and a happier child.


top of door lock that is childproof

How your door top lock child proof can help

The GlideLok Childproof Door Lock is key to any complete child safety plan. It opens from both sides of the door, which means you’ll never get locked out. And it sits out of reach of children, so adults can easily open the door without a struggle.

Best of all, the GlideLok is made of durable metal – not plastic. That means it won’t bend or break, and will be working hard to keep your children out of unwanted areas for years to come. See the GlideLok Top of Door Lock now.

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