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How a Child Proof Exterior Door Lock Can Prevent Pool Drownings

child proof exterior door lock


Summer is just around the corner, and families across America will be filling up their pools for some relaxin’ and splashin’ fun. But there’s a grim side to swimming pools … Every year, nearly 350 children die in accidental drownings in pools. It’s a nightmare no parent should ever face, and with the right child proof exterior door lock, you’ve got a solid first line of defense.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your child stays safe, even with a pool in your backyard:

Install a pool fence with a childproof gate

The idea here is to create as many layers of protection between your child and the pool as possible. With small children at home, no pool is complete without a protective fence. And no fence is complete without a gate your child can’t open.

This article offers some very useful tips on how to make sure your pool fence will protect your toddler. For example, it should be at least 4 feet high, surround all 4 sides of the pool, and have no more than 4 inches of space between each slat. The lock should be at least 54 inches from the ground to prevent your child from reaching it.

Install a pool alarm

Child drownings are disturbingly quick. That means you must have a way of being alerted to danger as soon as it happens. If your toddler gets past all the other layers of protection, a swimming pool alarm can detect waves and sound loudly so you can rescue your child.


door top lock to pool

Install a child proof exterior door lock

Most drownings occur when a child is already under the care of their parents or other adult. That means they slipped away unnoticed out the back door and into the pool. Some children even escape through a doggie door! If you’re serious about protecting your child from pool dangers, you need a solid exterior door, and a completely child proof lock.

The GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System is a fantastic solution for this because it is one of the only top-of-door locks that can be installed on an exterior door. The GlideLok:

  • Sits at the top of the door, so kids can’t reach it – but adults can easily slide across to lock and unlock
  • Is made of durable metal instead of flimsy plastic, so it won’t bend or break
  • Operates from both sides of the door, so it’s impossible for a parent to be accidentally trapped in a room or locked out
  • Blends in with your dĂ©cor so most people won’t even realize it’s there
  • Is super easy to install with just a single screw (that comes in the package!)

Regardless of whether you choose the GlideLok or some other child door lock, be sure to not skip this step.

A small device for the price of a couple of fast food meals can literally save your child’s life. See what other customers have to say about the GlideLok.