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Is Your Child Proof Door Lever Lock Also Adult-Proof?

child proof door lever lock


Are you tired of the gymnastics it takes to open your child proof door lever lock? Twisting and turning and contorting your hands to get these things open … I’ve experienced lovely finger pinches and completely red hands from trying with all my might to open a traditional child proof door lock or door knob cover.

Not only is it annoying and unsafe for an adult to not be able to open a door in your home, but when you fiddle with your child safety lock for too long, you’re going to start drawing attention to yourself … and your child is taking notes for later, when you’re not looking.

My #1 criteria for a child proof door lever lock

I tell parents every day that my criteria for the best child proof door lock is that it’s EASY for an adult to operate.


We all know how challenging “child proof” pill bottles can be, or – my favorite – “child-safe” packaging that takes a buzz saw to open. This is simply not realistic for everyday life. And especially for doors that you come in and out of multiple times a day. It’s enough to make a parent give up baby proofing altogether.


childproof door lever lock 

The best solution for childproofing your doors with levers

But thankfully, I’ve got a solution for you. When I was experiencing these troubles myself, I was introduced to the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System.

  • It sits at the top of your door, so kids can’t even reach it.
  • That means they can make it EASY to operate for an adult. Because you have the height advantage.
  • So you simply slide across the top of the door to unlock.
  • Leave it disengaged as long as you want to come and go as you please, and then when you’re ready to lock it again, slide it back. EASY.
  • It’s also made of durable metal instead of flimsy plastic like other child safety locks for doors.
  • And it opens from both sides, which is HUGE if you don’t want to accidentally get locked in a room, separated from your toddler for hours.

My company, Millow Market, is now the official online distributor of the GlideLok child proof door lock because I love it that much! And I know you’ll love it too. I’d love for you to check out the GlideLok today!