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Top 3 Areas You Must Childproof in Your Kitchen ... And Which Childproof Door Locks Above the Door To Use

childproof door locks above the door


Are you overwhelmed at the thought of childproofing your house? Thankfully, when you’re just getting used to having a baby around (and getting used to surviving on 3 hours of sleep a night), childproofing concerns are still far away.

You’ve got a lot of baby stages to go through before you really need to worry about making your house safe. But once baby starts crawling, it’s time.

In this new series of videos, I’m going to share with you 3 areas of your house you need to childproof. And today, let’s focus on the kitchen, along with which childproof door locks above the door to use ...


Kitchen cabinets and drawers

Here you probably store cleaning supplies, knives, glass and ceramic bowls, and all kinds of other things that are dangerous – or just annoying – for a child to get into. So unless you want to be constantly picking up the contents of your kitchen cabinets off the floor, you need to childproof them.

There are a lot of ways to do this, some of which attach on the outside of the cabinets and some on the inside. My favorite solution is a magnetic lock that attaches with a screw on the inside of the cabinets. If you’re not handy, you may need to have these professionally installed (we did), but they are awesome!

They come with a strong magnet that you should keep on your fridge or otherwise out of reach of your child, and you just use the magnet to disengage the lock when you need to open a cabinet. It sounds cumbersome, but it’s actually quite fast, and as long as you don’t lose the magnet, you’re good.

You can also set the lock to stay unlocked if you don’t need it anymore, so then you don’t even need the magnet to open it. The other reason I like these is because they install INSIDE the cabinet and not outside. If you care about your décor, this may be important to you.

Kitchen appliances with doors

This encompasses your refrigerator and your oven, and potentially your dishwasher. You want to keep your child from trying to open those doors. You can imagine why this would be dangerous.

And with the oven, even if it’s not on and even if you never use it, it’s still especially dangerous because if your child is like mine, they will want to climb up and hang on the oven door handle. At some point, their weight is going to be enough that they fall backwards because the oven door flings open, and they can seriously injure themselves.

For these types of doors, I liked the multi-use latches that stick onto any surface. I don’t usually like to use adhesive, as you know, but these latches are pretty much the only solution I’ve found to childproof a fridge or oven. You just place one end on the side of the fridge and place the other part on the door, and it’s locked. You’ll get used to latching and unlatching them, I promise.


childproof door locks above the door

Childproof door locks above the door, for doors leading out of your kitchen 

That leads me to the other child safety lock for doors that you need, and that’s to childproof all the doors leading out of your kitchen. This could include your laundry room or your door to the backyard.

The best solution for this, in my opinion, is the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System.

  • It sits at the top of your door, so kids can’t reach it.
  • It opens from BOTH sides of the door, which is a really big deal if you don’t want to get locked out!
  • It’s one of the only child proof door locks made of durable metal – not flimsy plastic that your kids will bust right through.
  • A bonus is it’s actually easy for an adult to operate. They can make it easy because it’s already out of reach of your kids, so you can simply slide across to lock, and slide across to unlock. It could not be simpler.

I love the GlideLok so much that Millow Market, my company, became its official online distributor. And it is our hottest seller. If it sounds like the GlideLok may be the right fit to childproof your doors, then I’d love for you to check it out now. 

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