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Installation Instructions + Troubleshooting



Pencil, screwdriver and drill



For doors up to 1 3/8" thick:
Leave the spacer bar attached.
For doors up to 1 13/16" thick: 
You may need to remove the spacer bar to fit the GlideLok on top of your door. Be sure to use a #1 Phillips screw driver bit only, as a larger bit will likely strip out the screw heads. 
GlideLok sliding component for childproofing doors


components for GlideLok childproof door kit


Ensure that you received all 3 parts shown above. If you did not receive all parts, email

GlideLok top of door lock for babyproofing


Place the GlideLok on top of your door with the U-shaped slot about 6" from door edge over door knob. The GlideLok screw and peg should be installed on the non-flush side of the door frame. (See picture above. The non-flush side does not show the hinges.) Remember, the GlideLok can still operate from BOTH sides of the door, regardless of which side the peg is on.

pencil marking spot to drill pilot hole


With the door closed, mark the door frame with a pencil lined up at the center of the U-shaped slot. "Test glide" the GlideLok before continuing. If GlideLok prevents door from closing, adjustments to the door may need to be made. (See troubleshooting tips starting at 1:09 of this video.)

drill pilot hole in door frame


To prevent wood damage, drill a 1/8" pilot hole into the door frame pencil mark.

installing the GlideLok on interior door


Place the screw into the peg. Screw the peg into the 1/8" hole from Step #4. Close the door, and the GlideLok U-shaped slot will slide easily onto the peg to secure the door. 


Please be sure you have watched the full video above. At the end, we demonstrate the troubleshooting tips discussed here. It is much easier to understand on video!
If GlideLok does not glide smoothly on top of door ...
Rub a votive candle or other wax / lubricant on all contact points, including the underside of the GlideLok, the top of the door, and the door frame.
If space between door frame and top of door is too tight for GlideLok ...
Sand down the top of the door by just a millimeter to allow clearance for the GlideLok. We use a belt sander.
If door fits too tightly against frame ...
Insert small rubber bumper (like the clear adhesive cabinet bumpers) on top corner of door frame (over door knob) to allow space for the GlideLok.
If installing on door with weather stripping ...
Six inches of weather stripping may need to be removed before installing to allow the GlideLok to slide properly.
If you need to remove the spacer bar ...
Use appropriate smaller size drill bit (#1) or screwdriver, and apply gentle pressure so screws will not strip.
If you have trouble with the GlideLok sliding too far in either direction ...
Peel and stick small rubber bumpers (like the clear adhesive cabinet bumpers) near the top of your door, in the spots where you want to GlideLok to stop sliding.
If the peg will not stay secure in the door frame ...
You may need to substitute a longer screw to work better with your particular door frame.


If you still have issues after reading these tips, please do not return this product to the store. We are the inventors of the GlideLok and are responsive to emails.
We would love to help you! Most issues can be solved if you contact us. Just email
This product contains small parts. The product components, packaging, and instructions are not toys for any age child.

The GlideLok must be properly installed to function correctly. This product does not replace supervision of your children. By purchasing this product, you indicate your agreement to hold harmless the manufacturer, brand owner and seller of the GlideLok for any consequences of its use or misuse. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the GlideLok.