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How Making Your Door Lock Child Proof Can Save Your Toddler From Furniture Tipping Hazards

Door Lock Child Proof


You’ve likely seen the shocking videos caught by a nanny cam of a toddler tipping over a dresser or TV cabinet. They open a drawer, climb in, and the weight topples the furniture onto the child.

It’s upsetting to watch, and even more so when you realize that too many children lose their lives each year from this common hazard.

But have no fear, because it can be prevented with these simple tips ...

Make your door lock child proof

Install the GlideLok Childproof Door Lock on doors that lead to bedrooms or other rooms containing:

  • dressers
  • armoires
  • grandfather clocks
  • other unstable furniture that a child could climb or pull on

Secure your TV and furniture with straps

  • Secure TVs on top of furniture using straps, or mount TVs to the wall.
  • Install furniture restraint straps for all furniture that is 3 or more drawers tall, and any other unstable furniture in your home.


door lock child proof

The GlideLok Top of Door Childproofing System

We recommend you take all these steps for the highest level of prevention. And we can definitely help you with the childproof door lock. The GlideLok was invented by a mom and dad of twins, so they know a thing or do about keeping kids safe.

It’s made of durable metal (not flimsy plastic), so it won’t bend or break under your child’s superhuman strength. The GlideLok is incredibly easy to use. It sits at the top of your door – completely out of a toddler’s reach – and slides across to lock or unlock.

The best part about the GlideLok childproof door lock is it operates from both sides of the door. Even if your child could engage the lock from the other side (which is next to impossible since the lock sits at the top of your door), you can still unlock it from your side of the door. This is such a unique feature and prevents the notorious lockouts that are all too common among other child safety door locks.

Check out the GlideLok, and see for yourself.