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Is Your Child Proof Front Door Lock Also ADULT-Proof?

child proof front door lock


When you’re looking for a child proof front door lock, the last thing you need are solutions that are both childproof and adult proof. Pinched fingers, mounting frustrations, red hands from squeezing so hard – it’s all a little much, if you ask me. But I understand why some child locks for doors are made this way.

When you install something at kid-level, that means the child has hours a day to figure it out. So you have to make it difficult. Not just mentally difficult, but physically difficult. The problem is, it’s incredibly hard for parents as well.

The Child Proof Front Door Lock solution for your home

My solution? Mount the child lock for doors completely out of reach of children. This means you can make it EASY for a parent to operate, because the child can’t reach it in the first place.

Well guess what – a childproofing installation company had the same idea I did and voila – the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System was born.


child proof front door lock

Three reasons to choose GlideLok to childproof your doors

  1. The GlideLok sits at the top of your door, so you can reach it but your kids can’t. Genius. It is a breeze to lock or unlock. Simply slide across to lock, and slide back to unlock. And keep it disengaged as long as you want, if you don’t need it for awhile.
  2. Unlike most child proof door locks, the GlideLok operates from BOTH sides of the door, so you won’t get accidentally trapped by your child or dog who engage the lock from the other side. This is a very big deal. I have seen photo after photo of customers who purchased a competitor childproof door lock that only operated from one side, and they had to break their door down after they were locked inside. Just what you wanted, right?
  3. The GlideLok is made of durable metal, not flimsy plastic. This explains how it can stand up to some serious use and abuse by the most strong-willed kids. This child proof front door lock will last you for YEARS and beyond.

Listen, I love the GlideLok so much that Millow Market, my company, became its official online distributor. I would love for you to hear straight from our customers what they think of the GlideLok.

So come check out our reviews on the GlideLok today.

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