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The Best Childproof Door Lock Lever For Your Home to Prevent Accidental Poisoning

childproof door lock lever


Every 15 seconds, a poisoning is reported to U.S. Poison Control. It’s a frightening thought, but you can prevent accidental poisoning from happening to your family with several easy prevention steps, including a childproof door lock lever.

First, let’s define poisoning as ingesting, inhaling or absorbing (through skin) a poisonous substance. Now, what can you do to prevent this from happening to your child?

  • Install locks on cabinets and drawers below the counter-top so a child cannot open them.
  • Install the GlideLok top of door lock on the doors of rooms that are off limits. This will serve as a childproof door lock lever.
  • Install toilet locks to prevent bacterial illness and chemical poisoning.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


childproof door lock lever

The childproof door lock lever that can help

The GlideLok child safety lock for doors is a key defense to stop your child from entering dangerous rooms that may contain harmful substances, like garages, basements or even something as seemingly harmless as a craft room. (Dyes and inks, anyone?)

The GlideLok makes your door handles, levers and knobs completely child proof. It is made of durable metal, not cheap plastic. That means it won’t bend or break, and can stand up to even the toughest toddlers.

The GlideLok operates from BOTH sides of the door

One of the biggest benefits of the GlideLok childproof door lock is that it operates from BOTH sides of the door. Some competitor door locks only work from one side of the door, which means an adult can easily get locked out or trapped in a room. (Read the reviews of those competitor locks, and you’ll see this happens quite often!)

The GlideLok sits at the top of your door, so you can reach it – but your toddler can’t. It is a breeze to operate and simply glides across your door to lock and unlock.

If you’re looking for a childproof door lock lever for your door, the GlideLok is worth a look. Learn more about the GlideLok childproof door lock, and also read our customer reviews right here.

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