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How to Choose the Best Childproof Door Lock in 2020

Let's face it. There are way too many child locks for doors on the market today. It's far too easy to find yourself lost analyzing all the choices, so we're here to break down all the information about a child door lock you need to know about ... along with our recommendation that has fit the bill for literally thousands of parents nationwide.


childproof door handle GlideLok


How do you childproof a door handle?

The best way to child proof a door handle or lever is to use a solution that attaches to the top of your door, such as the GlideLok Childproofing Top of Door Lock. Please be sure to order a lock that opens from both sides of the door, so you don’t need to worry about getting locked out.


Door safety latch that opens from both sides

Many baby door locks that are marketed for doors with handles only open from one side of the door. You wouldn't normally think this would be a problem, but when you look back at the reviews more closely, you'll discover a huge number of parents who were accidentally locked out or trapped in a room when the lock was engaged by a toddler or pet.

Most of these parents ended up needing to kick the door down, or call 911 for assistance to break free. The entire time, their baby or toddler was on the other side either crying or roaming the house unsupervised. Not a fantastic plan, if you ask us!


Child door locks that are out of reach of your baby

What good does it do if your baby or toddler can reach the standard babyproof lock you installed? If your kids are like ours, they will spend hours a day fiddling with it until they know how it works.

We believe any legitimate child lock for door must be installed at the very top of your door. This means you can open it, but your kids can't! So they will never figure out the lock, and they couldn't open it even if they wanted to. Now that's how you prevent household accidents.


How do you child proof a door knob?

There are two main choices for childproofing a door knob:

  1. A standard, inexpensive plastic door knob cover, which you need to install at your child's level
  2. A child proof door lock that you need to install at the top of your door for better security, like the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock


childproof door lock at top of door vs. knob cover


Why NOT choose a door knob cover?

First, the good thing about baby door knob covers is they are cheap. But cheap can sometimes become very expensive when the product simply doesn't work ... and you need to go back and make a purchase for a different product anyway. Here are a few of the challenges experienced by parents using the standard covers for child proof door knobs for baby:


1) They don't fit your door knob.

You've probably already noticed that not all knobs are alike. Sure, there are standard door knob sizes, but many parents now know that their door knobs are either too big or way too small to fit the cheap plastic covers.


2) They are very difficult for an adult to open - and not difficult enough for a child!

You read that right. Many adults complain that door knob covers are incredibly frustrating to use themselves. They deal with pinched skin, not being able to grip the door knob, and overall finding it super hard to open the door. But don't worry - your kid can help you! Because they seem to be able to figure out these supposedly "child proof door locks" faster than any adult.


3) They install at child-level.

We recommend that any child safety lock for door be installed out of reach of children. Why is that so important? First, it's because your baby, toddler and just children in general like to spend their time figuring out things you don't want them to. When you place a child proof door knob right in front of their face, they can't help but want to "figure out the puzzle." And before you know it, they make their way through the door.


4) They are made of flimsy plastic.

While plastic allows these products to be cheap, it also means they break or come apart easily. We recommend that any child lock for doors be made of a highly durable material, such as painted metal like the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock. This way, you'll never wonder if it will make it through all your children. Buy once, use it forever.


Why choose a top-of-door lock?

The best choice for child proofing or baby proofing any standard interior or exterior door is a durable metal, top-of-door lock that sits out of reach of children, such as the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock. Here's why:


1) Kids can't spend hours a day figuring out the lock.

Childproofing gadgets attract toddlers' attention like a moth to a flame. And once you have their attention, there's no stopping the insatiable curiosity of a child trying to solve this new puzzle you've presented to them. Within a few hours - or minutes - many children (and perhaps a baby or two) will figure out a way to open the door even with a door knob cover.


2) It's easy for an adult to operate.

You know how usually something being child proof means it's actually ADULT-proof? That's because the manufacturers assume it will be subjected to a child's curiosity for hours a day, and therefore it must be difficult to maneuver. The problem is, this will not only prevent children from using the product, but adults as well.

When you place babyproof door locks out of reach of your kids in the first place, it can be super easy to use for an adult because the kids can't reach it anyway. The GlideLok Childproofing Top-of-Door Lock glides easily across the top of your door, and it's a breeze for adults to use. Now THAT's a great idea!


3) It's inconspicuous and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

Most makers of baby safety products seem to care very little about how the product looks with your decor. But you probably do care. Sure, what matters most is that child safety door locks do their job and prevent children from escaping or entering unsafe areas of your house. On the other hand, you've probably worked hard to create beautiful surroundings and don't want a cheap, in-your-face baby proofing product to erase that.

An option like the GlideLok Childproofing Top-of-Door Lock can be so inconspicuous that most people won't even realize it's there. First, it's painted white - the color of most interior doors. Second, you can't see much of the product when it's in place anyway.


childproof lock for front door

How do you child proof a front door?

A parent's worst nightmare is their toddler or young child escaping out the front door at night, or even during the day when you're engrossed in another activity. The best way to prevent a child from escaping your house is to install a top-of-door lock like the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock, which operates from both sides of the door so you won't accidentally be locked out.


1) Be sure the lock opens from both sides.

Remember, you're not looking for a security lock here. If you were, you certainly wouldn't want the lock to be able to open from either side. But as a baby proofing solution, that is perfect! When the lock is only accessible from one side of the door, it means you can potentially be locked out (or in) if someone accidentally engages the lock.

Just take a look at the online reviews for baby proofing products that only operate from one side of the door. You will see story after story of emergency situations where the parents became trapped in a room and had to either:

  • Kick the door down (not really our first choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do)
  • Call a family member from their cell phone (if they were lucky enough to bring their cell phone in with them)
  • Call 911 (yikes!)

Meanwhile, their little children ran around unsupervised in the house, getting into who-knows-what while their parent was trapped. In many cases, the kids were quite distressed and crying uncontrollably. Not exactly the ideal situation when all you wanted to do was prevent your toddler from escaping into the street.


2) Check the width and the fit for an exterior door.

The sad truth is most top-of-door locks don't even fit an exterior door. They simply aren't wide enough to slip over a thicker exterior door. That's one of the reasons why we recommend the GlideLok to make even your exterior door locks child proof.

The GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock fits most doors up to 1-13/16 inches thick, which is wider than other top-of-door locks. The reason? Because the GlideLok includes a removable spacer bar. Just break out a #1 drill bit or screwdriver (use a #1 size to prevent screws from stripping), and remove the spacer bar to expand the fit to doors 1-13/16 inches thick. These measurements will fit most exterior doors!

If your door is thinner, you may not even need to remove the spacer bar. In that case, your door would need to be 1-3/8 inches thick or less.

Keep in mind that the GlideLok works on most exterior doors, but does NOT work on metal door frames, patio screen doors, storm doors, or double swing doors (that swing both ways).


How do you child proof a door?

Well, there are lots of ways to tackle this and prevent little children from getting into unsafe areas of your home. But here's what we think you need to look for in a child safety lock door.


The ability to lock and unlock the door from both sides

Don't risk getting trapped in a room! Adults must be able to open the door easily from either side. This is vital information, so don't miss this.

If you are purchasing a child safety door lock to keep your baby or toddler safe, then listen up. You could be accomplishing the exact opposite of what you want with this dangerous side effect of many child safety locks for doors on the market today.


The lock must sit out of your child's reach

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Your kids will undoubtedly try to dismantle the locking mechanism unless they can't reach it. Our philosophy is don't give them the idea in the first place! Out of sight, out of mind.

That's why we like the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing Lock so much, as it sits at the very top of your door, completely out of reach of your baby, toddler or small child.


The lock must be easy for an adult to operate

This is an underappreciated point. Remember the days when you could barely open a pill bottle because it was supposed to be child proof? Oh, wait, that was yesterday because they are STILL this way.

When you are going in and out of rooms in your home, you don't want to struggle to open the door. Or worse, be so annoyed at the difficulty involved in opening the door that you get lazy and just stop engaging the lock. (Remember a child lock door is the most effective way to prevent your child from getting into unsafe areas in your home.)

A high-quality top-of-door lock will sit at the very top of your door, which means you can reach it but your kids can't. And that means it's OK for it to be EASY to operate. Because your kids won't be operating it. Only you will!


The lock should be made of durable metal, not flimsy plastic

We haven't discussed this piece of information at length yet, but it's an important concept. Nearly all baby safety products on the market today are made of plastic. You will be hard-pressed to find a baby proofing item that is NOT made of plastic.

But the problem with plastic is it likely can't stand up to the use and abuse of little children. It's simply too weak and too flimsy. We much prefer a durable metal option (like the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock) that will last you for many years. Why buy baby proofing products over and over when you can just buy them once?


The lock should be easy to install

You've probably heard the phrase, "The best kind of exercise is the kind you will do." Because if you're not even going to try, it doesn't matter how great the potential is. In a similar way, the products you use for baby proofing should be a snap to install, with clear instructions and guidance. Otherwise, you may never get around to taking care of it.

The GlideLok Childproofing Top-of-Door Lock requires just one screw to install, and that screw is even included with your order. We provide clear instructions, troubleshooting information, and a variety of videos (like this instructional video here and this troubleshooting tips video here), so you can save time and install the GlideLok right the first time.


The lock should be unobtrusive and inconspicuous

If you have multiple children, then you're going to be dealing with child safety locks doors for awhile. Why deface your house with gaudy plastic gadgets all over the place if you don't have to?

Most child proof door solutions need to be placed in extremely obvious, in-your-face spots. Not only is it hard to miss them, but if your darling baby gets a wild hair to try to rip off the lock from your door, the damage will be front-and-center.


The lock should be installed with a screw, NOT adhesive

We are not a fan of adhesive for multiple reasons.

  1. It's typically weak and can easily be overcome by your baby or little toddler's superhuman strength.
  2. While it may prevent your child from getting through a door temporarily, it's only a matter of time before they rip it off your door.
  3. When that happens, it will take your paint with it. Yes, even though it's not supposed to! Yikes.

When you secure your locking mechanism with a screw in your door frame, you're ensuring that the lock will remain secure, no matter what your baby or toddler does.

Remember, the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock comes with a screw, so you don't even have to worry about that part. But please do note that you must drill a pilot hole first to prevent damage to your door frame!

If you ever need to remove the GlideLok, patching the small hole from the screw is a snap. But most customers just leave it in place because no one even realizes the GlideLok is there. Leave it unlocked, and you're good to go.


The lock should have solid reviews

OK, you probably already know this. But we think it's worth focusing on. When other parents are raving about the same product, it might be a good idea to listen. And when your fellow buyers have had significant problems with a product you're considering, pay serious attention!

We are enormously proud that the GlideLok has hundreds of positive reviews. They prove that other parents know the same thing we do - that this baby proofing product is quite possibly the #1 item you will buy as a mom or dad. Here's a look at what some of our customers had to say:


Love that it fits my thicker door to the garage, as well as standard doors!

I have been searching high and low for a product to keep my toddler safe who is into everything and has zero fear. This safety lock was easy to install. I did it myself with my drill and drill bit. It tells you what size to use. This thing is heavy duty and I LOVE that it has the option to fit my door to the garage so hubby can let himself in from outside the door by sliding it one way to unlock or the other way to lock. I have an incredibly strong toddler who doesn't give up easily. This keeps him safe!


The GlideLok is a life saver!

You are a life saver. I have a smart 4 yo daughter that can unlock and open doors. I was afraid that she would get outside and get lost or even worse get hurt. I was looking for a product that I could lock from the outside and inside, and your product is exactly what I was looking for. It was so easy to install and now I don't need to worry about my daughter getting out of the house. Thank you so much for your amazing product.


Great solution!

These are a great and easy solution for keeping doors locked when you have small grandchildren who are smarter than you are! It fits on the top of the door, out of the reach of little fingers who have already learned how to unlock the door. Since we have a pool, keeping them in the house when we're not outside with them is vital. I can also see where they would be helpful on doors where you want a little extra layer of security. Very easy to install and use.


We initially looked at the plastic door locks but after reading the reviews we realized our boys would snap them like a twig.

We bought these because our 2 year old twin boys can break through/open any door in our house (not so great)! We initially looked at the plastic door locks, but after reading the reviews we realized our boys would snap them like a twig. We read one review from a guy recommending these ones, the metal ones. They are AMAZING! I would recommend them to any parent looking to keep their kids safe. It's great too because I can lock the room from inside, Love these!


This will be a permanent item in our household.

To combat my special needs son's dangerous habit of wandering, I had searched all sorts of methods and this is the one that was immediately the most secure and cost efficient. 1. It's lockable/unlockable from both sides of the door so no worries of accidental lockouts/ins & makes it perfect for use on interior and exterior doors alike. 2. It's simple which means user friendly & cheap. 3. It installs at the top of the door so I won't need to worry about him reaching to manipulate it for some time. 4. With a spring I can rig it to auto latch once the doors closed thus prevent him from using a stick to slide it open. (will also work to remind my mother to use it as she would 't be able to close the door without latching it) I can rest a little bit easier with these installed.


Looked at many options and read reviews and decided this was the best fit for us.

I originally purchased these GlideLoks in July 2014 and they still work flawlessly today! After my escape artist of a toddler son figured out how to unlock every single door in our house, I had to find a solution. I wanted something that was out of his reach, and that would last for years to come, but wouldn't prevent someone from coming IN the door from outside...and this fits the bill! These are designed to fit thin and thick doors. I use this on our front door, and I used another in the pack at my MIL's house for when he's there visiting, and looked them up again today to order another pack as we just replaced a sliding glass door with French doors.


Get Your GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock

Are you ready to prevent your little one from getting into unsafe areas of your house? Please take a look at the GlideLok Childproofing Door Lock. With a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, you can't go wrong. The GlideLok is NOT sold in stores, and supplies are very limited. So claim yours today!

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