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How to Use a Door Childproof Lock for Kids' Fire Safety

door childproof lock


Every year, U.S. families endure more than 350,000 house fires. It’s scary enough when it’s just you, but add children to the mix, and childproofing for fire and burn prevention becomes essential. Here’s what you can do to avoid the most common burns: flames, heat, chemical and electrical. And yes, your door childproof lock can help here!

What you can do to prevent burns from flames

  • Install gate around fireplace
  • Eliminate open flames from candles and fireplace (including gas pilot light)
  • Develop a fire escape plan
  • Keep a fire safety ladder in each occupied bedroom upstairs

What you can do to prevent burns from heat

  • Remove space heaters
  • Install oven locks
  • Use back burners on stove, instead of front burners
  • Lower hot water heater to 120 degrees or below to prevent scalding

What you can do to prevent chemical burns

  • Install locks on cabinets and drawers below the countertop so a child cannot open them
  • Install GlideLok door childproof lock on the doors of rooms that are off limits

What you can do to prevent electrical burns

  • Install slide outlet covers
  • Secure power strips using a cover
  • Remove extension cords


door childproof lock

The GlideLok Door Childproof Lock can help

The GlideLok top-of-door childproofing lock can stop your child from entering unsafe rooms, such as basements, garages, or any other room with chemical or fire hazards. It opens from BOTH sides of the door, so you will never get locked out (unlike other childproof door handle locks). And it’s made of durable metal instead of flimsy plastic. This means it will keep your family safe for years.

The GlideLok is easy to operate and sits at the top of your door, so you can open it – but your child cannot. We’ve received countless customer comments about how the GlideLok child safety door lock has helped keep their kids safe. Check them out now.