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Top 3 Areas You MUST Childproof in Your Living Room, Including Making Your Door Lock Baby Proof

door lock baby proof


How’s childproofing going for you? If you’re like me, when it was time to babyproof our house, I was completely overwhelmed and honestly didn’t want to do it at all. I thought – hey, maybe I can get away with skipping this part. I’m always watching her.

But logic won out and I finally had to sit down and do the real research of which childproofing methods were going to work for my family.

In my last video, I shared with you 3 areas of your kitchen that you must childproof. Today, we’re going to talk about the living room, including which solution you should use to make your door lock baby proof.

Media cabinets

One of the biggest hazards in a living room is the cabinet that the TV sits on. Especially if the TV is not enclosed and it’s more of a console table. If it has drawers, toddlers often like to open those drawers and climb their way to the top. They’re fearless, you know.

If your cabinet is not strapped to the wall, it can topple over onto your child. And this can be deadly. There have been recalls by very large companies whose name you would know (you can Google it) where at least 8 toddlers died because this specific dresser or cabinet fell over onto them.

It’s scary, but it can be prevented. Get yourself some earthquake-rated furniture straps. They screw to the wall and to the back of your cabinet or dresser. This way, as long as they’re properly installed, your child should be safe even if they manage to climb on something when you’re not looking.

Window blinds

If you’re in any parenting Facebook groups, you are well aware of the horrors that can happen if a child gets their head caught in a window blind cord or in between the blinds themselves.

It’s hard to imagine, but there are plenty of videos circulating the Internet showing this happen via a nanny cam, and these children were rescued and survived thankfully.

Most window blind cords are looping. That means there are multiple cords all tied with the same knob or tassel. So it’s easy for a child to get tangled up in them. But if you snip the loop part just above the knob or tassel, you will essentially have multiple cords that you can attach separate knobs to, and you greatly reduce the problem.

It’s a little bit more cumbersome to operate, but definitely more child-friendly. If you have a continuous cord loop, you can purchase a tie down that attaches the bottom of the cords to the wall. You insert your cord or chain into the tie-down device, so it’s no longer a danger.

Another option is to upgrade to cordless shades. Definitely more expensive, but also much safer than having cords.

Your Front Door – Make the Door Lock Baby Proof

If your house has the front door near the living room, you should listen up. Because today I’m going to share with you my favorite way to childproof an interior or exterior door. It’s called the GlideLok Top-of-Door Childproofing System.

This will work to childproof a door knob or a door handle or lever, because it sits at the top of your door. So you can reach it, but your kids can’t. Now, because you are able to easily reach it, they didn’t have to make it tough to operate like most child safety locks for doors.


door lock baby proof

Best Child Safety Lock for Your Front Door

You simply install a peg and screw (which come in the package) into the top of your door frame, and place the GlideLok on top of your door. Slide across to lock, and across to unlock. Easy.

Because of how the GlideLok is made, it also operates from BOTH sides of the door. This is very important, because some child safety door locks only work from one side. That means if the lock gets engaged from that side, you’re trapped in a room. And this happens more than you want to know.

The GlideLok childproof door lock is made of a durable metal, not flimsy plastic, so even your strong toddler will not bust right through it. And if your child is like mine, eventually they realize when the GlideLok is engaged, the door is locked, and they look to you for help to open the door anyway.

I love the GlideLok childproof door lock so much that Millow Market, my company, became its official online distributor. If it sounds like the GlideLok may be the right fit to childproof your doors, then I’d love for you to check it out today.

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